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ERSA Court Reporters is dedicated to providing only the highest degree of services throughout the legal community. Our uncompromising pledge of commitment assures your experience with us will be one of complete satisfaction.

List of Services

  • Registered/Certified Court Reporters
  • Complementary Conference Suites
  • Instant, Daily and Expedited Transcripts
  • Realtime / Livenote Connect
  • Condensed Transcripts and Electronic Transcripts
  • ASCII Disks (USB or CD)
  • Exhibits Archived & Repository Services(CD)
  • Word Indexing
  • State-of-the-Art Digital Video and Playback Services
  • ELMO
  • Worldwide Video Conferencing
  • IN-Courtroom Trial Support
  • Audiotape Transcription Services
  • Timely Delivery and Superior Customer Service
  • Weekend and After Hours On-Call Attendant


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